Web Marketing Automation

With B2B web based marketing services, your company’s website will become a powerful, highly efficient means for continuously generating real sales leads. Turn your site into a 24/7 sales and marketing resource that continually tracks, analyzes, and optimizes lead-development functions.

The outcome?  A robust process to increase your sales—serious results that turn into serious revenue.

Growing Your Business

With B2B's expertise, adopting web-based marketing is like adding a 24/7 sales professional to your business. An expert who energizes the lead development and follow-up process, and who doesn't ask for benefits or call in sick on Mondays.

This 24/7 sales pro will help your company:

  • Attract more site visitors using web technology best practices.
  • Engage visitors with specific content and messages derived from marketing research of their needs.
  • Convert website visitors to prospects using strategic methods not well understood by most web designers.
  • Nurture these new prospects and existing customers with precise tracking and strategic follow-up, ensuring that your efforts are focused on the right people.
  • Qualify leads so your sales team is efficient and successful in all subsequent contacts with prospective customers.
  • Drive revenue and business growth with this continual, dynamic process.

And, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new, full-time sales employee.

If you are doing the same thing today on the web that you were doing just five years ago, you are missing out on some tremendous, revenue- boosting opportunities. Let B2B be your guide to web marketing success.

Working within your budget

One of the most exciting aspects of web marketing is its scalability. So, whether you're testing the waters or diving in, we can develop a program that's ideally suited to your budget and goals. And, with ongoing success, we'll help you accelerate your program to drive even more revenue.

For instance, a basic program can cost as little as $3,000 per month—the equivalent of a single trade show or a magazine ad. Yet, web marketing more precisely targets those who are searching for your product or service, then refines the focus to drive results and significantly enhance potential ROI.

B2B web marketing—how it works

B2B uses state-of-the-art analytic technology to track and monitor all web activity. We find out where people go on your site, how long each page is open, and much more.

Then, we combine this information with our extensive sales and marketing expertise to develop strategies and messaging that best educate, engage and nurture these potential customers.

Simultaneously, we work with your sales team to determine point-based criteria for qualifying prospects. Certain point values are then set to trigger automatic email notifications or other follow-up processes.

Getting input from sales staff is vital (and is something that sets us apart from nearly every other web marketing service). It is the most effective way to continually improve the value of this information.

B2B's tracking technology also helps to provide constant, ongoing monitoring to maximize the results. That means more qualified leads on people who are ready to buy.

Serving as your partner

With 25 years of experience in business marketing and advertising, B2B offers strategic expertise and creative content services that set us apart from many other web marketers. We are tech experts, but we also speak your language.

We've always kept our customers abreast of the latest technological advances and, most importantly, helped our clients profit from them. Working in close partnership with you, we take away the uncertainty and help you find the web marketing approach that best suits your company's current and long-term goals.