Marketing Services


B2B will transform research into revenue for your organization with:

  • Strategic revenue-based market planning, including valuable and dynamic lead generation services to strengthen your ROI.
  • Target-market database building and enrichments with up-to-date contact information that keeps you connected to lucrative possibilities.
  • Highly accurate research results that drive short and long-term business growth strategies.
  • Key message identification, using customer, partner and vendor assessments, that inspire your intended audience to take action.
  • Optimized, no-waste budgets used to precisely target your prospects with their preferred marketing media.

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We’ll show you how to transform actionable research into revenue-generating opportunities for your business.

Action Plans

B2B is unique in that we dig deep to unearth accurate and relevant information that is, most importantly, actionable.

This often means gathering data from key stakeholders — customers, former customers, prospects, industry experts, and people within your own organization. Our rigorous research results in precise and unbiased information, provided for you in clear and compelling form.

We identify new opportunities, recommend steps, craft strategies and carefully hone messages that pay off in short- and longterm ROI based on your company’s values and goals. And, with 25 years of experience, we know how to handle all of the logistical details with flawless execution.

Looking Forward

B2B acts as an extended member of your organization, helping you execute, evaluate and fine-tune the research and marketing process.

As strategic thinkers, our sharp attention to results is what keeps our clients on top of critical business trends. We enable informed decisions to help you reduce risk, and to see things from new and exciting perspectives.

Today’s rapidly changing business environments require innovative ideas that give you the competitive advantage this year, next year, and looking forward toward the decades to come.