Our Customers Say...

“Now we focus on strategy and program development rather than manual lead handling. We have better-qualified, sales-ready leads with a scalable system that can handle our next levels of lead generation.  It’s like having another full-time sales and marketing person working 24/7 - at a fraction of the cost.”

Tina Kvavle, Director of Marketing

“In five weeks, B2B has helped us identify web visitors by URL.  Prospects are being qualified through registration, we are able to measure and track marketing campaign results and now know which specific products and services they need.  Our sales force is now prepared to answer those needs on their first contact.  

B2B uses their marketing expertise and web technologies to qualify and nurture prospects so our sales team can focus on managing customers and getting the sale.  The results are huge.”

Mike Foggia, Director of Sales


“In the past we just sent a generic lead follow up.  Now the automated system delivers a personalized, product-specific, drip email campaign based on prospects’ activities and interests. Instantiations stays ‘top of mind’ with prospects and existing customers until they are ready to buy.”

Tina Kvavle, Director of Marketing